Who We Are

A Club Who Supports Bisbee

We are a group of individuals with a common trait. We truly value “Service Above Self”. Our members range in age from 40 to 80 something, which helps identify needs in the community across a broader spectrum.

We are always open to meeting like-minded people who like to get stuff done. Age is not a factor, willingness to make a difference is.

“The Bisbee Rotary Club has been organizing the July 4th parade as long as I have been alive! It was a great honor to serve as a judge for this grand tradition”

Volunteer​ Parade Judge

What We Do

Our 2022 – 23 Club Projects

  • Rotary District Grant: Bisbee Science Club creative supplies $5,000*
  • $1,000 Millicent Kasun Academic Scholarship
  • 4th of July Parade Organizer

Our 2021 – 22 Club Projects

  • We partnered with the City of Bisbee and Step Up Bisbee/Naco to rehabilitate an abandoned home so that it could go to a deserving family. We had several projects and donated funds to provide appliances. Our workday was to clear the yard, plant new landscape plants and install an irrigation system.
  • We raised $3000 for three shelter boxes that were donated for the crisis in Ukraine.
  • We installed a Peace Pole (painted by Gretchen Baer) at the Library Annex
  • $1,000 Millicent Kasun Academic Scholarship
  • 4th of July Parade Organizer

Even With the Pandemic We Got Stuff Done!

Our 2020 – 21 Club Projects

  • Rotary District Grant: Computers for Boys and Girls Club $5,000*
  • Share the Love Grant: Food Bank at Tin Town Resource Center $500*
  • Step Up Bisbee/Naco State Farm grant for partnership with City in rehabbing houses $10,000*
  • Handbags for Hope – more than 60 bags to Homeless Shelter and Chiricahua Community Health – Priceless
  • $1,000 Millicent Kasun Academic Scholarship
  • 4th of July Parade Organizer

Our 2019 – 20 Club Projects

  • The Taste of Bisbee: Honors the Community of Bisbee by treating visitors to a night of eating local food from restaurants in Bisbee, and wine from the State of Arizona
  • Rotary District Grant*: Step Up Bisbee Naco: $10,000 and a great day of volunteering
  • Verhelst Recovery House: $250
  • Bisbee Coalition for the Homeless: $100
  • Naco Health Center: $1,000
  • The Rotary Foundation: $2,000 (Polio Plus)
  • Bisbee Fire Department: $300
  • Bisbee Unified School District (Meals): $500
  • Library Annex Garden: $1,000
  • Community Garden: $200
  • St. Patrick’s Church (Window Restoration) $250
  • Boys and Girls Club of BIsbee Pool Table recover: $900
  • $1,000 Millicent Kasun Academic Scholarship

* Rotary District 5500 grants are funded 50% district, 50% club. Your local State Farm agent, Scott Bearshear (2020 – 21 club president) wrangled the entire $10,000 from State Farm.

We Educate

We Help​

We Build​

We Donate​