Thanks for stopping by. You will find that we are a thriving Rotary Club who meets at the Double P Roadhouse on Highway 92 on Thursdays at 12:05 pm. We have been meeting in Bisbee for over 90 years and are one of the oldest surviving clubs in Arizona.
We have several fundraisers a year with our Spring Event, both spring and fall rummage sales at Saturday Market in Warren. Our largest event being Vintage Bisbee where there are wine tastings along with regional restaurants sharing their fine cuisine.
Our biggest service event is "Christmas in Naco" as we have gathered we gather clothing/Coats, new and gently used toys and sports equipment through out the year, we purchase new blankets and dry food products that we gift to over 250 families on Christmas Morning in Naco Sonora Mexico. We caravan in to the land between the two boarder walls and at 7am we open up to the families that have spent the night in line to be able to come and celebrate Christmas Morning with us. This is our most compassionate and heart warming event that we sponsor all year long and we invite all to be with us. Rotary is always in need of people who speak Spanish to assist us at this event.
Bisbee Rotary is the club who puts on the 4th of July parade where we are always looking to find bands that can bring music to the morning. We have given out thousands of dollars to seniors at the High School and older students returning to college. Each year our former teacher Millie Kasun presents dictionaries to the 3rd graders at Greenway Elementary School. We also give out grants to local projects i.e. Bisbee Community Pool, The Coaster Races, Warren Ballpark, Bisbee Sport Clubs and many more through out the years. We have partnered with our District 5500 to create the Rotary/Rose Johnson Memorial Public Gardens. The first of its kind here in Bisbee.
On an international level - Rotary has worked digently for years to wipe polio off the face of the earth through our worldwide vaccination program. We have several Peace Institutes open to providing education in diplomacy and instituting  peaceful communication open to students of all ages. We have been working through the world in bringing safe water to communities along with providing "Shelter Boxes" to those areas in need through natural catastrophes and through war torn areas. 
We are a thriving club who works in creating positive change. Come check us out. Please call for more info 520-727-1285